Even more fraud by AJF Construction London, Ontario is being investigated.

Much more fraudulence by AJF Building London, Ontario is being explored.

Andrew J. Fraser, the owner of AJF Building in London, Ontario is a pathological phony.

AJF Building and construction might have once had some stability however as both initial company partners parted methods, Andrew J. Fraser ran business right into the ground.

Andrew J. Fraser has actually used variations of the same story with several of his sufferers.

Andrew will certainly state sourcing products from details vendors then claiming the materials arrived defective and that he will "personally" see to them getting fixed. This just buys the conman time.

Sadly for Andrew, J. Fraser, he does not understand simply the amount of individuals have actually been linked by his scams as well as exactly how word spreads.

Sufferers, providers, associated trades, public and exclusive teams recognize the deceitful task by Andrew J. Fraser of AJF Building of London, Ontario.

The particular vendors that Andrew has actually stated in composed communication have refuted that either AJF Building And Construction, AJF Exteriors nor Andrew Fraser have actually held an account with them throughout the timeframe of his lies. This means that when Andrew has stated that he had ordered products or that they have arrived harmed, these materials were entirely imaginary. This is fraud.

This isn't an issue of a pair hundred dollars or a pair thousand dollars ...

There are 10s of countless dollars stolen from targets as well as the number continues to expand!!

The goal of these video clips is to put a stop to the criminal task of Andrew J. Fraser as well as AJF Building and construction (likewise known as AJF Outsides Inc.) in London, Ontario and the bordering areas.

Given that the last video, Andrew has actually re-connected - after months of silence - with a few of those that left him adverse testimonials. Andrew continues to overlook many more targets though.

Andrew does not have a plan, has actually denied materials and also does not have the deposit cash.

Andrew is only trying to buy even more time and he requires to be quit.

Anyone looking into AJF Construction of London, Ontario must be aware when recent job has been started by Andrew J. Fraser, it has actually been substandard and also it will currently cost his targets even more money to be dealt with.

There are multiple scams documents with the London, Ontario Police as well as lots of pages of evidence.

If you are an one of the many sufferers, please call: London, Ontario Fraud Intake Line: 519-661-5515 Ext. 5257

While AJF tries to conceal the adverse reviews and comments, keep at it to alert others till a solution is discovered.

Read AJF Construction London, Ontario Reviews:
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These aren't all of the victims either.

Andrew J Fraser recently made it on CBC New London:

Note to Andrew J. Fraser:
You cannot keep lying and avoiding people.
You're underestimating how many of your victims have connected.
Media attention will continue until you’ve reimbursed ALL of your victims.

AJF Construction Fraud
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